Kubu Fabricator- Securing Your Customer’s Property

When your customers purchase a new uPVC or composite door for their home, it’s important that they feel safe. That’s why at Emplas we work with Kubu to give your customers a secure peace of mind. Bring the security of your customer’s home into the 21st century with one of our composite or uPVC doors with Kubu equipped lock as standard.

Kubu uses simple and smart technology to monitor the lock within your customer’s door in real-time. Your customers will be able to check the status of their door, no matter where they are, at any time of the day, right from the Kubu app. They’ll also be notified before they get too far from their home if they have left their door unlocked.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Fabricator: Keeping Traditional Locking

If you choose a Kubu hardware door for your customers, you won’t be telling them to completely change the way they lock their doors. Kubu works alongside the lock and key to bring your customer’s home smart locking. Using the key remains the same, so your customers will still be able to lock and unlock their doors. The lock isn’t automatic, so if your customer gets locked out their house, they can still use a key to get back in.

If your customer loses their phone, their home will still be secure thanks to the lock and key. Similarly, if the customer was unable to use the Kubu app through their phone, they would still be able to lock their home normally.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Fabricator: Scheduled Reminders

There’s nothing worse than going to bed before questioning whether you’ve locked the door or not. With the Kubu lock, this issue will not be one that will face your customers. The Kubu app allows your customers to set schedules to any time they want. They can simply pick a day and time through the app and Kubu will send them a notification to let them know whether the door is locked or unlocked.

If they want to set up a reminder to check they’ve locked the door at night or if their children have locked the door when they’ve come home from school, this can be scheduled in the app, giving you a notification at that exact time and day.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Fabricator: Perimeter Notification

With Kubu hardware, your customers will no longer have to walk away from their homes without locking the door. As they walk away from their home and their phone disconnects from the wi-fi, Kuubu will send a notification if the doors are unlocked.

Whether your customers are rushing to get to work, or taking young children out, Kubu prevents your customers from getting too far away from the home with the doors unlocked. With the perimeter notification in place, your customers can simply turn back and lock the door.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Fabricator: Real-Time Notifications

By having a door with Kubu hardware, your customers will always know the status of their doors. By using the Kubu app, they’ll be able to receive notifications to their phone when connected to the internet. Kubu allows your customers to track activity and receive real-time notifications whenever someone enters and exits their home. They’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing if someone is coming or going.

Kubu Fabricator: Share Amongst the Family

Your customers will appreciate that their Kubu app can be shared amongst several family members, letting everyone benefit from knowing if their doors are secure. The ‘share your door’ feature allows your customer’s family to have peace of mind. Through the app, you can share the door with up to four members, so if you want to remind your child or an elderly family member to lock their door at night, you can. You’ll be able to check on the status of the door or schedule a reminder.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Fabricator: Linked to Smart Speakers

If your customer has an Amazon smart speaker, they’ll be able to link this to their Kubu app. The Kubu app can be linked with your customer’s Amazon Alexa account, answering a whole lot of questions such as:

“Alexa, ask Kubu if my doors are unlocked.”

“Alexa, ask Kubu for the status of my front door.”

“Alexa, ask Kubu when my Front Door was last unlocked.”

Kubu Fabricator: Checking the Locking History

One feature your customers will enjoy with a Kubu door is checking their locking history. Kubu gives your customers a one month log of whenever someone has locked or unlocked your door. If your customer’s homes are broken into, they’ll be able to identify the time and date and see if the door was unlocked at the time of the break-in.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Fabricator: Visual Indicators of the Door’s Status

It’s not just through a mobile phone that your customers can check the status of their door. The Kubu Home Hub provides a visual indicator, ideal for elderly customers who may struggle to operate the app. The hub glows blue to the indicator if all the doors with Kubu hardware are locked and orange if at least one of them is unlocked. Your customer will then be able to check the app to find which door is unlocked, securing their home.

Why Should You Choose Kubu Hardware for Your Home?

As a homeowner, it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed by the many fabricators claiming to offer you the “market-leading” door. But at Emplas, this really is the case. All our composite and uPVC doors are installed with the Kubu Hardware as standard, so you won’t have to pay extra for quality.

Currently, within the industry, smart locks are expensive and impractical for the homeowner, but this isn’t the case with an Emplas door. We aim to make our products affordable for the homeowner as well as providing quality.

As well as the Kubu lock, we manufacture our doors to be secure, fitted with multi-point locking and high-quality hardware, allowing them to reach Secured by Design specification. Along with the Kubu lock, your door is highly secure.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Why Buy Kubu Hardware through Emplas?

Installed as Standard

Your customers can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that we have installed the KUBU hardware as standard in our uPVC and composite door range.  Your customers won’t have to pay extra to get the latest security hardware for their home.  


We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of the installation for both the tradesman and their customer. That’s why for 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to giving our customers their windows, doors, conservatory or double glazing products on time and in full. You won’t have to worry about the product being late or with bits missing. You’ll be able to get on with the installation or selling a product that is perfect for your customer. That’s why 99.2% of our deliveries have been completed OTIF.

Family Values

Although Emplas was set up 40 years ago in 1979, we are still a family-owned business and remain true to our principles. One of these is a no-compromise approach to product quality and a commitment to deliver an excellent personalised service. As part of this, our customer’s can buy their customer’s double glazing products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate that you’re busy with your day-to-day lives. That’s why you can buy our range of products at a time to suit you.


With so many years in the industry, we’ve built up years of knowledge and skill when it comes to supporting our customers. We’ve put all this experience into our Emplas Virtual Assistant (EVA)  that customers can use when they need support. Eva is a retail sales support package unlike any other, drawing on our own in-house direct retail expertise. Everything offered through EVA is tried and tested and proven to work.

Available to all our trade customers, EVA offers a complete marketing and sales programme. Choose from direct mail campaigns to website builds and pay-per-click campaigns. EVA even managers your leads, lets you see what you’re working on and provide you with select administrative support.

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Kubu Hardware Prices: Giving a Secure Peace of Mind

Kubu Hardware is priced with the homeowner in mind. This system is affordable and will put your customer’s mind at ease. No longer will they have to worry that they’ve left the door unlocked.

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