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Energy-efficient, double-glazed and triple-glazed IGU manufacturer

We supply the complete Saint- Gobain PLANITHERM® Comfort Range. Developed for the residential sector, this includes Energy Standard, Comfort and Comfort Plus options.

When it comes to replacing your windows and doors, the glass you choose can make a big difference. It will typically make up 70% of your window, and it’s at the heart of controlling the flow of natural light, the level of safety and security, and thermal insulation, it can even help protect furniture against fading. PLANITHERM® glass from Saint-Gobain Glass is a cutting-edge technology used by Emplas to help with the efficiency of homes and buildings.

IGU (insulated glass unit) single order and single delivery for glass and frames

Our IGU manufacturing process brings increased stability and simplicity to insulated glass unit supply. Place orders for frames, select your glass option and its job done! We take care of everything else, including a complete audit trail.

Expert technical support

We underpin our product offer with industry leading support, with an expert in-house team combining decades of experience.

Stability in sealed unit supply

Partnering with Saint-Gobain Glass and with the scale, automation and capacity to deliver a high degree of flexibility within our production schedule, we guarantee reliability in your insulated glass unit supply chain.

Complete transparency

The use of bar-coded scanning throughout the production cycle, means that we can guarantee that orders are delivered in full.

Saint-Gobain Glass PLANITHERM® Comfort Range

Saint-Gobain Glass has made it simple to sell the benefits of leading-edge innovation in glass with the PLANITHERM® Comfort Range. PLANITHERM® windows and doors feature advanced low-emissivity glass technology, providing excellent thermal insulation, reduced heat loss, and enhanced energy efficiency for homes and buildings.

PLANITHERM® glazing can maximise your home’s comfort, for a difference you may not ‘see’ but will certainly feel. Whether you’re looking for warmth, a peaceful night’s sleep or to enjoy a sun-filled room without overheating, Planitherm has the perfect high-performance glass for you.

Choose from Energy Standard, Comfort or Comfort Plus Options:

PLANITHERM® Energy Standard

Keep your home warm and comfortable


Choose better security and better sleep

PLANITHERM® Comfort Plus

For the perfect balance of light, warmth and comfort



All IGUs by Emplas are CE marked and meet and exceed requirements set out in BS EN1279 and BSEN12150. We also offer complete supply chain transparency with bar-code tracking.

24/7 online ordering

Want to find out more about our energy efficient window and door ranges?

One of the UK’s most advanced IGU manufacturing lines

We’ve invested more than a million pounds in a new Forel Vertical IGU-Line at our Padiham IGU manufacturing facility.

Automatically applying the spacer bar to the edge of the glass sheet with an ultra-high level of accuracy, it achieves an instant and far better bond, than traditional spacer systems, maximizing thermal performance.

Combined with a highly accurate final seal on units, the next-generation process cuts the likelihood of IGU failure, which means you don’t get call backs!

Manufacturing an altogether better window

Combined with state-of-the-art window and systems from Profile 22 and AluK, we can offer you access to one of the UK’s leading energy efficient aluminium and PVC-U window and door ranges.

Casement Windows

We manufacture uPVC casement windows, fabricated in Optima, the energy-efficient next generation system from Profile 22; plus, the Optio 58BW ST aluminium window from AluK.

Flush Casement Windows

Choose from the contemporary or heritage, Optima uPVC Flush Casement window; or the AluK 58BW Flush Casement in aluminium.

Tilt-and-Turn Windows

We also manufacture the energy efficient Profile 22 Optima uPVC Tilt-and-Turn window and the AluK Optio 58BW aluminium Tilt-before-Turn window. Each is ideally suited to a wide range of commercial applications.

Fully Reversible windows

Perfectly suited to low and medium rise applications, or where accessibility may be an issue, we also manufacture the Optima Fully Reversible uPVC Window from Profile 22.

PLANITHERM® high performance glass is available in three different comfort levels:

ENERGY STANDARD – Keep residences warm and comfortable with Energy Standard glass. A superior choice for maintaining a cosy atmosphere while maximising energy efficiency.

COMFORT – Opt for Comfort glass to deliver enhanced security and serenity to homeowners.

COMFORT PLUS – The ideal balance of light, warmth, and comfort with Comfort Plus glass.


A special glass coating will stop heat escaping, so less energy is needed to keep a home warm. Energy Standard and Comfort glazing captures and makes use of the warmth from natural daylight, while Comfort Plus helps limit and control it – ideal for very sunny rooms.

Enhanced security: Comfort and Comfort Plus glass boast a high-security transparent layer, ensuring superior resistance to breakage. Compliant with the ‘Secured by Design’ standard, when used in an approved window frame, it enhances overall home security.

Our high-security transparent layer on Comfort and Comfort Plus glass makes them much tougher to break through than standard, unlaminated glass. Used in an approved window frame, they’re designed to meet the official police security initiative ‘Secured by Design’ standard, so you’ll feel safer and more secure in your home.

Noise reduction: Ideal for bedrooms and areas exposed to external disturbances, the built-in acoustic layer minimises exterior noise, promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

Furniture fade protection: Our hidden layer of protection on Comfort and Comfort Plus blocks out 99% of UV rays, safeguarding furniture and curtains from fading due to prolonged sun exposure.

Reduce overheating: Comfort Plus glass features a special coating to regulate heat from the sun’s rays, ensuring a comfortable and well-tempered living space, particularly suitable for sunlit rooms or larger glazed areas such as bi-fold and patio doors.

By choosing PLANITHERM®, trade professionals not only deliver excellent performance but also ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Improve all your projects with PLANITHERM® Glass, the preferred choice for trade customers.

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