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Four decades’ expertise in trade and new build window and door manufacturing

Set up in 1979, Emplas has grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of energy efficient and low maintenance replacement windows and new build windows and doors.

Our purpose

Backed by the best customer service and IT innovation, our purpose is to fabricate a complete range of premium-quality, high security, appealing energy-efficient windows and doors for the trade installer, new build and social housing markets.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the window and door fabricator of choice, helping to secure and insulate homes across the United Kingdom by providing energy-efficient products.

Our values

Integrity, Teamwork, Determination, Excellence, Pride

Emplas was founded in 1979 as a small family-owned business, since when we have grown to become one of the UK’s largest aluminium and u-PVC window and door fabricators, with a nationwide customer base across trade, new build and specification sectors.

Working with some of the window and door industry’s leading businesses including Profile 22, Arkay, Doorco, Kubu and Saint Gobain, a world leader in glass and IGU manufacture, we bring cutting edge innovation to energy efficient door and window fabrication.

Still run as a family-owned business today, we remain true to our founding principles, including a no-compromise approach to product quality and a commitment to deliver unparalleled service and support to our customers.

With an award-winning retail support offer and more than four decades’ experience in supply of replacement windows and into new build and specification, we work in partnership with our customers across sectors.

Supplying the UK as its primary market, the Emplas Group also includes Emplas Australia. Set up in 2011 it has become a UK export success story.

Emplas history

February 1979

Humble beginnings

Founder Kevin Johnson establishes installation business, T&K, from a garage and first floor bedroom. Following supplier issues, the decision is taken to become a fabricator of windows and doors giving birth to Emplas.

February 1979

July - November 1979

The first manufacturing units

The company quickly outgrows the garage and first floor bedroom and moves to a small industrial unit in Wellingborough and a larger unit in Burton Latimer later on in the same year.

July - November 1979

July 1980 - March 1983

The first freehold factory

Emplas’ business growth sees the company relocate to Finedon before returning to a larger site in Wellingborough in 1983.

July 1980 - March 1983

June 1998

The first national recognition

Kevin Johnson is presented with the Promotional Campaign of the Year at the prestigious Glassex Awards.

June 1998

April 2001

The next relocation

Emplas moves to its current location in Wellingborough, a site three times larger than the previous site, to keep up with business growth.

April 2001

May 2006

Acorn Aluminium acquired

Emplas acquires Acorn Aluminium extending its product range to offer commercial aluminium double glazing.

May 2006

July 2011

The move to Australia

Ecostar Double Glazing enters the Australian market
establishing itself in Melbourne.

July 2011

2014 - 2015

Award success

G14 – Emplas win the G14 Customer Care Initiative of the Year.
G15 – Emplas win the prestigious Fabricator of the Year Award.

2014 - 2015



Launch of Emplas’ online customer portal EVA (Emplas Virtual Assistant) – an industry first!



UK factory expands

£2.2 million investment in a factory extension grows the site to 57,000 square feet – the equivalent of two and a half football pitches.


May 2018

Padiham Glass acquired

Emplas acquires Padiham Glass to offer customers stable in-house IGU supply.

May 2018

July 2018

Ecostar’s first purpose-built premises

Rapid growth meant relocation to a new Head Office, Installation Depot and Customer Service Centre.

July 2018

October 2018 - 2019


Fabricator of the Year finalist in the G18 and G19 awards

October 2018 - 2019


G21 Awards & Cyber Essentials

Emplas wins the G21 Fabricator of the Year award. Cyber Essentials accreditation achieved following a £250k IT
investment protecting the company from cyber-attack,
including ransomware and viruses.



Investing for the future

Investment of £1 million in a FOREL Spa IGU production line at Padiham Glass to ensure stable glass supply.



Factory expansion

Emplas invests in new 25,000 square foot factory unit.



Investors In People (IIP) accreditation

Emplas Group attains IIP accreditation on first attempt.


Window, door, and sealed unit manufacture

Emplas is an investment-led business. Recently this has included the £2.2million expansion of our core Wellingborough manufacturing facility to 57,000 sq ft and our acquisition of Padiham Glass, our trade sealed unit manufacturer, both of which were completed in 2018.

We have continued to invest in our people and our facilities, post-pandemic, including most recently a more than £1m investment in a next generation Forel Vertical Sealed Unit Line in 2022, further increasing product quality and our capacity to manufacture double and triple-glazed units.

Emplas Accreditations

Our door and window ranges are manufactured to the highest standards in compliance with British Standards ISO14001 and ISO9001. They also meet and far exceed current UK Building Regulations.

We are also an accredited manufacturer of Secured by Design windows and doors, BFRC approved and a member of Made in Britain

All our windows and doors are officially recognised by the organisation Made in Britain as being designed and manufactured right here on home ground. It’s our great privilege to help to support and promote great British manufacturing.


We work at all times to minimise the impact of our business on the environment. This includes all aspects of our operation from working to deliver increased efficiency and reduction in our energy consumption to transparency of supply chain and responsible sourcing of materials.

We are also committed to recovering and recycling manufacturing waste and materials generated by end-of-life products.

This includes the recovery of end-of-life PVC-U windows and doors, which are being brought back into a new generation of energy efficient and low maintenance products.

Reducing manufacturing waste

We’re committed to reducing our manufacturing waste while we recycle 100% of PVC-U manufacturing waste materials.

In addition to recycling 100% of waste, we’re also working to reduce the amount of waste material generated in our manufacturing processes.

Waste in manufacture at present is as follows*:

702.40 tonnes of PVC-U (100% recycled)2022/23
8.70 tonnes of metal2022/23
114.99 tonnes of glass2022/23
56.98 tonnes of timber2022/23
60.21 tonnes of packaging2022/23
Lowering our carbon footprint

Lowering our carbon footprint

We have committed to lower our carbon footprint and are currently developing a robust process for measurement with a strong focus on lowering our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

This includes reducing our energy and water consumption through manufacturing efficiencies; generating and sourcing more renewable energy; and switching to lower emission fleet vehicles and electric cars.

We are also proactively working with supply partners who share the same commitments.

Renewable energy

We installed 110 solar panels to our main factory site in 2011 with plans to increase this number going forward. These generate more than 30,000 Kwh of energy each year.

We are also committed to moving to renewable sources of energy throughout our operation.

Renewable energy
Lowering energy consumption
Lowering energy consumption

In addition to generating energy from renewable sources, we have also committed to lower our energy consumption.

This includes introducing new low energy LED lighting throughout our manufacturing facility. We brought in new climate control to the factory floor. This has delivered a 40% reduction in energy used in heating year-on-year.

We have also changed our factory floor computer system to 100 low-energy Raspberry Pi consuls reducing our energy consumption compared to standard computers by 80%.

We have also introduced a new air leak programme to reduce energy used by compressors.

Reducing fleet emissions
Reducing fleet emissions

Our delivery fleet exclusively uses low emission Euro6 engines. This has contributed to a 15% fuel reduction. We expect to build-in a further 10-20% reduction in emissions through the introduction of new route planning software.

While we explored switching to electric trucks, range fell short, but we are currently exploring a switch to a fleet run on compressed gas, which would cut our fleet CO2 by 50%.

As part of our commitment to lower the emissions from our fleet, we are also currently going through the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.

Working with partners who share our values

Epwin Group Logo

Epwin Group

Epwin Group, our PVC-U systems partner is independently accredited and certified to the requirements of BES 6001: Issue 3.0.

This ensures, and then proves, that our products have been made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced.

This independent, third-party assessment and certification demonstrates that an effective system for ensuring responsible sourcing is embedded in our supply chain.

This includes an ISO 14001 accredited zero to landfill strategy, segregating all waste from site before sending it to specialist waste carriers for recycling.

Emplas also uses Eprin Group’s recycled composite material (RCM) reinforcements in our Profile 22 window ranges. Manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial waste PVC-U, they further enhance the thermal performance of our energy efficient window and door ranges.


Saint-Gobain, our glass partner, has made the commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As part of this journey by 2030 it will:

  • Halve its water usage
  • Cut scope 1 and 2 emissions by 33% and Scope 3 emissions by 16%
  • Lower its use of virgin materials by 30%
  • Move to 100% recyclable packaging

It’s doing this through the increased use of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled glass cullet and through alternative energy sourcing.

Currently it recycles 100% of cullet inhouse but also more than 50kT/year of post-industrial waste from its suppliers but will grow this going forward.


Up to 90% of all aluminium used in construction is recycled, using 95% less energy to manufacture than its primary production – with no deterioration in quality. This makes it one of the most sustainable construction materials available, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the lifecycle costing of a building.

AlUK Window

As a trade customer in the industry, choosing the right window and door manufacturer is a key decision that can impact the success of your business. To ensure you make the right choice, think about the following factors when choosing a window and door manufacturer.

Begin by evaluating the manufacturer’s reputation and industry experience. Go for companies such as Emplas with a proven track record of supplying high-quality windows and doors to trade professionals. A manufacturer with extensive experience is likely to have expert processes in place, ensuring reliability and consistency in product quality.

A wide product offering is essential, so choose a manufacturer that provides a comprehensive range of window and door styles, materials, and configurations. This versatility allows you to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers, whether they want traditional designs, modern style, or specialised features.

Examine the manufacturing capabilities and production efficiency of the company. A manufacturer with a strong production capacity can handle bulk orders effectively, ensuring timely deliveries for your projects. Enquire about lead times, production scalability, and any flexibility to accommodate urgent orders, especially considering the quick paced nature of the industry.

Quality assurance is vital so ensure that the window and door manufacturer you choose complies with industry standards and is up to date with relevant product certifications. A reputable manufacturer should willingly provide details on the materials used and the steps taken to ensure the longevity and performance of their windows and doors.

Communication and support are crucial aspects of the manufacturer-installer relationship. Emplas is a manufacturer with transparent and efficient communication channels. Assess all customer support services, including enquiry response times, technical assistance availability, and the resolution process for any issues that may arise.

Technical support

With dedicated trade and commercial teams, we’re here to answer your technical questions or help you plan your next project.

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