AluK Fabricator- Modern Innovations for Your Customers

If you want to give your customers the very best aluminium bifold door, then the Unifold HI bi-fold door is the only option. Emplas are one of a few fabricators to work with the profile, giving your customers the latest innovations. Give your customer a door that can provide a wall of glass as well as offering modern benefits as standard.

The Luminia bifold door has been manufactured with style and performance in mind. This door can deliver an industry-best 1.4 U-value thermal performance for double glazed units and 0.9 U-value for triple glazed. The slimmer frames allow for larger glazing panels, faster fabrication and installation thanks to fewer parts. Your customers will be able to enjoy their door faster should you choose Emplas for your bifold doors.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

AluK Fabricator: Giving Your Customers a Wall of Glass

The slim, symmetrical sight-lines of the Luminia F82 Bi-Fold Door will give your customers a door with the look of a wall of glass. The frame only takes up 97mm of the door, allowing the rest of the door to be glazing. Through having a large glazing area of up to 3000mm, your customers will enjoy these doors year-round. As well as panoramic views of their gardens, your customer’s will enjoy the added security and thermal efficiency that comes with the larger glazing area.

To further give your customers the illusion of a whole wall of glass, these doors are fitted with unique flush hardware. The all-new pop-out T-handle not only makes this door easy to operate, but it removes the sometimes unsightly handle. Should your customer not want to use the door as a door, they can enjoy it as a wall of glass, only having the handle when they need it.

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AluK Fabricator: Securing Your Customers Home

Aluminium as a material is known for being durable, offering strength where uPVC doesn’t. The Luminia F82 door is no different and will help to secure your customer’s home. The door may have slim frames but will stand strong against uninvited visitors. The door is fitted with high-security shootbolts which lock at both the top and bottom of the interlock. For greater operational stability, the door is fitted with a double-track threshold.

Along with the glazing within the door, this door reaches PAS 24 standards of security, giving your customers complete peace of mind that their homes are safe.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

AluK Fabricator: Safe for Your Customer’s Children

If your customers have young children, then the AluK bi-fold door range is ideal. The Luminia is fitted with an anti-trap system. Magnetic catches hold the door in place whilst being operated as well as an anti-finger trap system. The door uses gaskets to prevent fingers from being trapped in when the doors are closing.

The large glazing area means your customers can keep an eye on their children from the comfort of indoors. The slim frame allows for large glass panels of up to 3000mm, so your customers can not only enjoy panoramic views of their garden but the safety of their loved ones.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

AluK Fabricator: Customisable to Your Customer’s Needs

Your customers will appreciate the AluK Luminia F82 bi-fold doors because of the customisable options they come with. Your customers will be able to choose how many configurations they have for their bi-fold door, with all configurations opening in and out.

The Luminia door is available in white, grey, brown and black as standard, plus any other RAL colour. This means your customer can make the door fit perfectly with the rest of their home. All the finishes are powder coated and feature an industry-leading flash anodised pre-treatment. This means your customers can enjoy a door protected from corrosion and won’t have to worry about repainting them.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Why Should You Choose the Unifold HI bi-fold door for Your Home?

As a homeowner, you should want the very best for your home, and the Luminia F82 bi-fold door from AluK does this. This door is the front-runner in the bi-fold door market, offering leading levels of thermal efficiency and security. The slimmer frames allow for a larger glazing area, so you can fully enjoy your garden year-round in the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t plan on using the door regularly, it can look like a complete wall of glass. Unlike other bi-fold doors, the Luminia comes with a flush pop-out handle, allowing for easy operation. It removes the need for an additional handle that can pop-out, so in the winter, you can literally have a wall of glass.

The low threshold of the doors means that you can make your home accessible to all. With panel size options of up to 3000mm available, you can decide just how wide you want the door to be, making it an excellent fit into any home.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Why Buy Unifold HI bi-fold door through Emplas?

One of the Few Fabricators That Offer It

If you want to give your customers the very best Bi-Fold Door, then choose Emplas. We are one of a few fabricators that offer the Unifold HI bi-fold doors. This door has been manufactured to offer your customers the very best in terms of thermal efficiency, security and more. The look of the door will fit perfectly into any of your customers homes, providing them with slim sightlines and panoramic views of their gardens.


We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of the installation for both the tradesman and their customer. That’s why for 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to giving our customers their windows, doors, conservatory or double glazing products on time and in full. You won’t have to worry about the product being late or with bits missing. You’ll be able to get on with the installation or selling a product that is perfect for your customer. That’s why 99.2% of our deliveries have been completed OTIF.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Family Values

Although Emplas was set up 40 years ago in 1979, we are still a family-owned business and remain true to our principles. One of these is a no-compromise approach to product quality and a commitment to deliver an excellent personalised service. As part of this, our customer’s can buy their customer’s double glazing products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate that you’re busy with your day-to-day lives. That’s why you can buy our range of products at a time to suit you.


With so many years in the industry, we’ve built up years of knowledge and skill when it comes to supporting our customers. We’ve put all this experience into our Emplas Virtual Assistant (EVA)  that customers can use when they need support. Eva is a retail sales support package unlike any other, drawing on our own in-house direct retail expertise. Everything offered through EVA is tried and tested and proven to work.

Available to all our trade customers, EVA offers a complete marketing and sales programme. Choose from direct mail campaigns to website builds and pay-per-click campaigns. EVA even managers your leads, lets you see what you’re working on and provide you with select administrative support.

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Unifold HI bi-fold door Prices: Modern Innovations for Your Customers

AluK’s F82 Luminia Bi-Fold doors are priced with the homeowner in mind. This system is affordable and will put your customer’s mind at ease. They’ll enjoy panoramic views of their gardens whilst benefitting from excellent levels of security and thermal efficiency.

Contact our team today on 01933 674 880 or you can email [email protected] for more information. Customers can also request a call back at a time that suits them by filling out our contact form.

If you already know what colour Unifold HI bi-fold door  your customers need, then get a free quote today. Just fill out a few details and we can provide you with a bespoke estimate with no obligation to book.

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