Fully Reversible Windows

Our fully reversible windows have an ingenious dual-hinge arrangement that allows you to flip them 180 degrees inward, making the task of cleaning so much easier and giving maximum ventilation without the risk of children climbing through them. They are an ideal choice for homes with balconies or walkways below the windows. This solution is available in a flush casement finish.

Our Fully Reversible Windows feature leading-edge energy efficiency technology, achieving the highest levels of thermal performance, including U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K WERS of up to A+

Fully Reversible Casement Windows

Specially developed for medium high-rise applications our Fully Reversible Casement Windows rotate 180° to allow for safe and easy cleaning of the outside pane making then an ideal solution for commercial window applications.

Featuring slim sight-lines and a contemporary deep bevel, our range of Fully Reversible Windows also feature leading-edge energy efficiency technology.

Profile 22 Fully Reversible Windows

PAS24 accredited and offering u-values of as low as 1.0W/m2K, we manufacture the Profile 22 Fully Reversible Casement 70mm Window.

Using Profile 22’s innovative Aeroframe technology and the five-chamber profile means achieves a WER A+ rating glazed with standard argon filled triple glazing.

This eliminates the need for expensive Krypton gas filled units, insulation in the profiles and expensive reinforcing, lowering project cost.

High security locking and child resistant safety features including concealed hardware, deliver peace of mind. Plus the window rotates 180° so the outside pane can be cleaned without the window entering into the room or damaging curtains or blinds.

20 colour options from stock in just 10-days

We bring increased flexibility to design, with a choice of 20 low maintenance PVC-U foiled and colour finishes available from stock on a 10-day lead time.

Choose from smooth flat finish contemporary greys to period pebble greys, sages and claystone woodgrains.

We also offer a further 23 made-to-order colours, including foiled on both side options. These are available on a choice of bases.

Choose from:

Standard Colour Options

Rosewood / Rosewood (Brown Base)

Rosewood / White PVC-U (White Base)

Light Oak / Light Oak (Tan Base)

Light Oak / White PVC-U (White Base)

Anthracite Grey / Anthracite Grey (Grey Base)

Anthracite Grey / White PVC-U (White Base)

Black Brown / Black Brown (Brown Base)

Black Brown / White PVC-U (White Base)

White Grain / White (White Base)

Cream / White (White Base)

Chartwell Green / White (White Base)

Agate Grey / White (White Base)

Slate Grey / White (White Base)

Premium Colour Options

Anthracite Grey Smooth / Anthracite Grey Smooth (Grey Base)

Anthracite Grey Smooth / White PVC-U (White Base)

White Grain / White Grain (White Base)

Cream / Cream (Cream Base)

Pebble Grey / White (White Base)

Sage Smooth / White (White Base)

Claystone / White (White Base)


Our fully reversible casement windows are manufactured to the highest standards in compliance with British Standards ISO14001 and ISO9001. They also meet and exceed far exceed current UK Building Regulations.

IGU Supply

Glazed or frame only supply.

With our own energy efficient sealed unit manufacturing capability, we can also supply a wide range of security and laminated IGUs as well as the complete Planitherm range from Saint Gobain. That’s frames and sealed units (if you want them!) on a single delivery.

Secured by Design casement windows.

We’re an accredited Secured by Design window and door manufacturer, which means we offer a full range of Secured by Design composite entrance doors and Secured by Design window options.

With our own energy efficient sealed unit manufacturing capability, we can also supply a wide range of security and laminated IGUs.

Casements, Flush Casements, Tilt-and-Turn and Fully Reversible Windows

Why not take a look at our other energy efficient uPVC double-glazed and aluminium window options.

Casement Windows

We manufacture uPVC casement windows, fabricated in Optima, the energy-efficient next generation system from Profile 22; plus, the Optio 58BW ST aluminium window from AluK.

Flush Casement Windows

Choose from the contemporary or heritage, Optima uPVC Flush Casement window; or the AluK 58BW Flush Casement in aluminium.

Tilt-and-Turn Windows

We also manufacture the energy efficient Profile 22 Optima uPVC Tilt-and-Turn window and the AluK Optio 58BW aluminium Tilt-before-Turn window. Each is ideally suited to a wide range of commercial applications.

24/7 online ordering

Want to find out more about our energy efficient window and door ranges?

Our Fully Reversible Windows stand out as an innovative solution tailored for trade professionals. These uPVC windows redefine functionality, with a unique 180-degree rotation feature that allows for outward opening. This exceptional design simplifies and improves cleaning of the exterior pane from within the building. This is an ideal solution for trade partners tasked with glazing tall structures, where exterior access for cleaning presents challenges.

Beyond their practicality, Reversible Windows make a strong visual statement. Characterised by slim sightlines and deep bevels, they improve the visual appeal of any building while also giving practical advantages. Equipped with cutting-edge energy efficiency technology, these windows excel in thermal performance, contributing to reduced energy consumption and lowered heating costs.

As a well-established fully reversible window manufacturer, Emplas has a commitment to innovation and quality that shines through in every detail, providing trade partners with reliable solutions that benefit their projects.

Fully reversible windows typically incorporate several security features to ensure the safety of the property. Some common security features include:

Multi-point locking systems: These systems secure the window at multiple points along the frame, providing enhanced security compared to standard locks.

Internal glazing: Fully reversible windows often feature internal glazing, which means the glass is fitted from the inside of the property. This makes it more difficult for intruders to remove the glass from the outside.

Key-lockable handles: Many reversible windows come with key-lockable handles, allowing homeowners to lock the window securely in place when closed.

Toughened or laminated glass: Fully reversible windows may be fitted with toughened or laminated glass, which is more resistant to breakage and can deter intruders.

Enhanced frame materials: The frames of these windows are made from durable materials such as uPVC, aluminium, or timber, which provide additional strength and security.

Restrictor hinges: Some fully reversible windows are equipped with restrictor hinges, which allow the window to open to a limited degree, preventing it from fully swinging open and providing an extra level of security.

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