Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu smart hardware is installed as standard in many of our doors. The smart sensors allow your customers to check the status of their door at any time from any place. With every turn of the key, your customers will get notifications. The perimeter notification ensures they’ll never leave home with the door unlocked. As they walk away from their home and their phone disconnects from the wi-fi, Kubu will send them a notification if the door is unlocked.

Real-Time Checking

Your customers can check the status of their lock at any time convenient to them from any place in the world.

Perimeter Notifications

As soon as they disconnect from the wi-fi, the Kubu app will notify your customer if the door is unlocked.

Setting Schedules

Customers can set schedules to remind them to check if their door is locked/unlocked and can be done at any time.

Share Their Door

The app allows your customers to share their door with 4 other people, meaning the whole family can check the lock status of the door.

Check Door History

The app provides a complete log of whenever someone unlocked/locked the door, ideal for checking on suspicious activity.

Visual Indicator

The visual indicator that plugs into the home glows blue when all doors are locked or glows orange if at least one door is unlocked.

Kubu Smart Hardware FAQ's

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Kubu Smart Hardware.

1 - Do I Have to Install Kubu Hardware in the Door?

No, you don't. Although it comes as standard, various installation & integration options are available.

2 - Can you Check the Lock Status Through Other Means?

Yes, the home hub that comes with the Kubu pack provides a visual indicator that plugs into the wall. The indicator glows blue when all the doors in the house are locked or orange if at least one door is unlocked.

3 - Is it Alexa Integrated?

Yes, Kubu is. The Kubu app can be linked with your customer’s Amazon Alexa account, answering a whole lot of questions such as: “Alexa, ask Kubu if my doors are unlocked.” “Alexa, ask Kubu for the status of my front door.” “Alexa, ask Kubu when my Front Door was last unlocked.”

Kubu Smart Hardware Videos

Find out more about Kubu Smart Hardware through this video. As an Emplas approved installer, you’ll be able to use these videos and more on your own site.


Checks the Status of Your Door


From any Place in the World


At Any Time, Day or Night


On all the Doors in Your Home


On all the Homes You Own


Notifications With Every Key Turn


Schedule Notifications


Shows the History of Your Doors


Share With Friends & Family


Perimeter Notifications


Easy Installation


Alexa Integrated

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