Composite Doors

We use the DOORCO slab to make our composite doors. This slab offers a high level of security, with increased resistance to forced entry. Reinforced GRP skins and modern materials mean that unlike timber doors, this door requires very little maintenance. All the homeowner will need to do is occasionally wipe the door with a damp cloth to keep the good-as-new look. Within this composite door, we offer the ODL Europe TriSYS 3-part glazing cassette and Kubu smart hardware.

Kubu Smart Ready Doors

GRP Skin

The reinforced GRP skin can be manufactured in a woodgrain finish or a smooth/etched finish. These composite doors will protect your customers home from the elements.

Thermally Efficient

Unlike timber, our composite doors have been manufactured to a high standard, making them more thermally efficient. This door achieves a minimum B WER rating.

Various Styles

We offer our composite doors in traditional and contemporary styles, with a variety of different designs and colours to choose from. This means your customer can fit their door to their home.

Approved Security

These composite doors comply with PAS24 in line with Approved Document Q. We offer our doors with Secured by Design accredited hardware, protecting your customer's homes from modern burglary techniques.

Kubu Smart Hardware

We offer the Kubu module within these composite doors. Your customers will be able to check the status of their lock at any time from any place through their phone. It can be accessed through more than one phone.

Decorative Glass

Our composite doors can be customised with a variety of decorative glass, providing the lowest U-values of any decorative glass on the market. The glass is in a variety of colours, fitting every style perfectly.

Noise Reducing

Our fantastic composite door designs offer great sound insulation due to the polyurethane core. On average, the reduce outdoor noise pollution by 31dB, perfect for homeowners on busy streets.

Mobility Friendly

All of our composite doors have been designed with an optional low threshold option. This makes our doors ideal for homeowners requiring wheelchair access and families with pushchairs.


The high performance polymer skin, robust gaskets and strong stainless steel door hinges deliver exceptional weatherproofing. Every door has been fully tested to meet rigorous weather standards.

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Our composite doors are available in a variety of colours, so your customers can get a door that compliments their decor perfectly. This door is available in 8 standard colours, 38 premium colours and in any RAL colour.


By using the Doorco profile, you can offer your customers the leading TriSYS 3-piece glazing system from ODL Europe as standard. As this is a dry glazed system, the outer frame and inner cassette are screwed together, holding the door into place and snap on the inner frame. Should the glass in the door crack, all you or your customer needs to do is take the cover off, unscrew, put new glass in and put back on the door.


Your customers can choose from a range of different door hardware, such as letterboxes, available in a variety of different colours.


Your customers can choose from a range of different composite door hardware, such as handles, available in a variety of different colours. Our handles are Secured by Design accredited and PAS24:2012 compliant.


We use Secured by Design 3 star locking cylinders within our doors to protect your customer's home from modern-day burglary techniques. This door also accommodates the Kubu smart hardware module, allowing your customers to check whether the door is locked or not in real time. Perimeter notifications ensure that they won't leave home with the door unlocked.

Anti Bump

Anti Bump

Anti Drill

Anti Drill

Anti Pick

Anti Pick

Break Secure

Break Secure

Composite Door FAQ's

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Composite Doors.

1 - Do I Have to Install Kubu Hardware in the Door?

No, you don't. Although it comes as standard, various installation & integration options are available.

2 - Is This Door Secure?

Yes, we fit this door with Secured by Design accredited secure hardware, helping to protect your customers from modern burglary techniques.

Secured By Design Composite Doors

3 - What is Kubu Smart Hardware?

Kubu smart hardware is installed as standard on all our doors. The smart sensors allow your customers to check the status of their door at any time from any place.

With every turn of the key, your customers will get notifications. The perimeter notification ensures they’ll never leave home with the door unlocked. As they walk away from their home and their phone disconnects from the wi-fi, Kubu will send them a notification if the door is unlocked.

Kubu Starter Kit

What Is a Composite Door?

If you’re a homeowner wondering what a composite door is, we’ve got you sorted! Composite doors are one of the most popular front doors installed in homes across the UK. It is designed using a combination of materials. The result, a stronger, thicker profile that is more durable. 

Composite doors are so popular in the UK due to their woodgrain effect. Unlike wood, you won’t be left with the same high maintenance issues. Many composite doors are fitted with a GRP skin, which provides protection against the elements. This allows the door to retain its quality for many years to come. 

Kubu Smart Ready Composite Doors

Find out more about Kubu Smart Hardware through this video. One of our Approved Installers, Caddy Windows, discusses the benefits of using the system via purchasing through Emplas.

Composite Doors Video

See how all of our composite doors are manufactured to British Standards for weather tightness and meet or exceed UK Building Regulation U Values. As an Emplas Approved Installer, you'll be able to use customised versions of these videos and more on your own site.


Timber Look Without the Hassle


Reinforced GRP Skin


Thermally Efficient Polyurethane Core


8 Standard, 38 Premium & RAL colours


Low U-value Decorative Glazing


Secured by Design Security Hardware


Low Threshold Options


Variety of Door Furniture


High Spec Hinges


Integrated Venetian Blind


Kubu Smart Hardware as Standard


TriSYS 3-Part Glazing System

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