Key Considerations When Choosing Your AluK Supplier

When searching for the perfect products, homeowners want a balance of high-performing and aesthetically pleasing product ranges. Emplas always hit these demands!

Using Emplas as your AluK Aluminium products supplier of both windows and doors comes with an array of benefits from durability, thermal efficiency, weatherproof design and high security. No one should ever bargain for less!

AluK is a trusted, tried and tested market-leading aluminium systems house. Their advanced engineering of aluminium combined with Emplas design and distribution of aluminium windows and doors, as well as over two decades of experience, have built up an enviable reputation and therefore have become extremely trusted by installers.

Installers choosing Emplas as their AluK supplier benefit from several perks including, short lead times and accredited products; exceeding industry Standards. In addition, electing Emplas as your AluK supplier guarantees access to products of accredited quality.


The Benefits of AluK’s Partnership With Emplas

Emplas manufactures AluK aluminium to provide perfect product selections that surpass other suppliers when it comes to thermal efficiency. Unlike other materials aluminium seeks to replace, these products offer fantastic heat retention and can achieve low U-values. Don’t just take our word for it, Emplas manufactured AluK products have been granted accreditation from the British Fenestration Rating Council, which verifies the energy performance of windows and doors. 

Aluminium is rigid, tough and super secure. Emplas vigorously test all manufactured products to exceed high standards. Emplas supplies AluK window and door products that are accredited by ‘Secured by Design’ and meet PAS24 Enhanced Security standards. All from a manufacturer who was awarded the G21 Best Fabricator prize.

Emplas are not only a fabricator of increased performance but also bring a creative capacity to the forefront for installers to offer to their client base. And if there is anything customers desire it’s the need for choice. With fantastic resources, numerous colour options can be produced to any specifications. Our AluK products can be decorated in single or dual colour polyester powder coatings, with textured & anodised finishes available. 

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Innovation in Action

Emplas continuously set new standards for the home improvement industry. By choosing Emplas as your AluK supplier, you simply choose great innovation. AluK and Emplas constantly strive to work together to produce aluminium products which meet today’s and future demands. We consistently research and incorporate the newest technology so our products remain market leaders even in years to come. Emplas and AluK consistently work together to improve and develop the existing selection of aluminium systems to provide our installers with a variety of AluK aluminium profiles which will perform year on year for customers.

Whilst constantly creating market-leading products, Emplas continue to ensure that they can offer installers with short lead times. Therefore, installers are continuously confident with their choice to use Emplas as their AluK supplier.

Why choose Emplas to manufacture AluK products? 

Emplas have accumulated a plethora of experience over 40+ years and are a highly respected family business in the manufacturing of windows and doors. Emplas continuously work to build well-respected relationships with installers and suppliers across the sector to provide the best products and services. 

Emplas support an impressive AluK aluminium product range including aluminium F82 bifold doors, 58BD doors, 58BW ST Heritage Windows and many more. This advanced product variety ensures installers can continue to provide customers with market-leading levels of thermal efficient, low maintenance products and increased levels of security. Not only do we work with AluK to optimise our products with fantastic aluminium but we also offer benefits of other materials such as high-functioning double glazing.

If these are beneficial factors that as an installer you would like to promote then choose Emplas as your AluK supplier!

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