58BD Doors

The AluK 58BD Doors are perfect for light and medium-duty use. These residential doors are available as a single or double French door design and can be created to sit flush within the frame. For homeowners wanting to make a grand entrance to their property, AluK 58BD Doors are a great addition, perfect for new build or refurbishment projects. These doors can accommodate glazing of 28mm, allowing your customer to let the light into their home. To give your customer the peace of mind they've got the best door for their property, our AluK 58BD Doors are tested to PAS24.

Great U-values

AluK 58BD Doors boast great U-values, offering 1.7 W/m2K for double glazing, or 1.4 W/m2K for triple glazing.

Cloaking Feature

AluK 58BD Doors are created with a cloaking feature. This conceals the lock and prevents access to locking points.

Certified PAS24

The AluK 58BD Door is tested to PAS24 and has been certified under the Secured by Design scheme.

High Quality Glazing

You can offer your customer a glazing width of 28mm for the AluK 58BD Door. This available in both residential & flush door styles.


Our AluK 58BD Doors can be decorated in single or dual colour polyester powder coatings, with textured & anodised finishes available.

Configuration Options

You can offer your customer the AluK 58BD door in single or double door configurations, with a flush option also available for French & front styles.

Colour Options

Custom Ral White Grey Black Brown

58BD Door FAQ's

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our B8BD Doors.

1 - What Standards Are These Doors Designed to Meet?

Our AluK 58BD Doors are designed to conform to PAS24 and Secured by Design standards.

2 - What Colour Options Are Available?

The AluK 58BD Door is available in single or dual colour polyester powder coating, texture and anodised finishes. Standard colours include white, black, anthracite grey, brown, black/white and anthracite grey/white. Any RAL colour can also be ordered.

3 - Is Multi-point Locking Included?

Yes, multi-point locking is installed across the frame of our AluK 58BD doors, eliminating any potential weak points which could be exploited.

4 - Will it Match Existing Windows?

Yes, the AluK 58BD Door is created to suit the window profile, providing these aluminium doors with the ultimate design flexibility.

What Is an Aluminium Residential Door?

If you’re a homeowner wondering what an aluminium residential door is, Emplas has got you covered. Aluminium residential doors are a great alternative to a composite or uPVC front door, offering long-lasting use. Unlike these designs, the quality aluminium frame will retain its quality for many years to come and will not require lots of maintenance. 

These aluminium doors will protect your home against modern burglary methods. The strength of aluminium itself is far superior to the likes of uPVC or composite. When this is combined with multi-point locking and panes of glazing, it creates a high level of security across the whole door. 

Aluminium 58BD Door Handle Options

Chrome Door Handle


Black Door Handle


AluK 58BD Doors Video

Please see the video below for a guide on how Emplas manufacture doors such as our AluK 58BD Doors.

AluK 58BD Doors Brochure

Want to find out more about the AluK 58BD system? Why not view this brochure! By becoming an Emplas approved installer, you'll access our brochures and other resources.


Tested to PAS24


Slim Profile Design


Concealed Locks


Multi-point Locking


Adjustable Hinge


Single or Double Doors


58mm Frame Depth


Single or Dual Colour Options


Secured by Design


1.4 W/m2K U-Values


Flush Options


Suits 58BW Windows

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