Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

As technology becomes more and more part of the daily life of the homeowner, offer your customer quality smart hardware for composite doors. At Emplas, we manufacture our Composite Doors with the Kubu Smart Hardware as standard. Alongside the usual modern locking, your customer can feel extra safe within their home. The Kubu app will allow your customer to check in real-time the status of their locks and ensure that they never leave their home unlocked.

Kubu smart hardware for composite doors uses simple and smart technology that monitors the lock within your customer’s door. Your customer will be notified once they disconnect from the Wi-Fi if they’ve left their door unlocked, allowing them to quickly head home and lock it. By choosing Smart Hardware for your customer’s door, your customer will not only enjoy the best security but market-leading levels of thermal efficiency, security and no high maintenance issues.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors: Making Your Customer Feel Safe

If you choose Emplas’ smart hardware for composite doors, you’ll offer your customer the finest levels of security. Our doors have been manufactured to protect the home they are installed in, eliminating any worries the homeowner may have. Built to Secured by Design and PAS24 standards, these doors come with a range of quality hardware and multi-point locking to protect your customer’s home.

Our composite door range is created with a high-density polyurethane foam core, adding a protective layer to the door. This will protect your customer’s property against uninvited visitors. With our smart hardware for composite doors, your customer will never have to leave their property with the fear their home is unlocked.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors: Reducing Your Customer’s Energy Bills

Emplas’ smart hardware for composite doors is not the only benefit! These doors have been manufactured to improve the comfort and thermal performance of your customer’s home, trapping in heat for longer. When installed, these doors achieve U-values of between 0.9 and 1.3 W/m2K (dependent on glazing). Our door’s core is 20% more thermally efficient than standard timber doors.  

The core of the composite door will protect your customer’s home from damp and cold draughts. As heat is trapped for longer, your customer will start to rely less on their central heating, reducing their energy bills and their home’s carbon footprint. This makes Emplas’ range of doors a must for any homeowner.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors: Keeping with Tradition

By installing smart hardware for composite doors in your customer’s home, they won’t have to give up their keys. Our smart composite doors allow the homeowner to use both key locks and the Kubu app, which will help to bring your customer’s home into the 21st-century. The novelty of traditional locking won’t stop by parching smart hardware for composite doors.

The Kubu app doesn’t automatically lock the door. Your customer will use the key like they normally do to protect their home from uninvited visitors. All the app will do is provide notifications with every turn of the key.

Even if your customer loses their phone, the smart hardware for composite doors won’t be redundant as they can use the lock and key. If your customer is unable to use the Kubu app, they can use the Kubu home hub. This plugs into the wall and shines blue if all the doors are locked and orange if closed. This visual aid is perfect for elderly customers.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors: Keeping Up with Technology

As smart speakers are becoming a more permanent fixture in homes, our smart hardware for composite doors should follow suit. That’s why at Emplas, we offer your customers a door that responds with Amazon’s Alexa system.

Your customer can link the Kubu app to their Alexa account, allowing them to answer questions like:

“Alexa, ask Kubu when my Front Door was last unlocked.”

“Alexa, ask Kubu if my doors are unlocked.”

“Alexa, ask Kubu for the status of my front door.”

This means they don’t just have to use the Kubu app for indication over their door’s status.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Why Should You Choose Smart Hardware for Composite Doors?

As a homeowner, you to be 100% certain that a new composite door in your home will help to secure it. That’s why at Emplas, we market-leading DoorCo profile, so your customers can enjoy the very best. Our smart hardware for composite doors is what helps to make us stand out from other manufacturers.

As well as the Kubu lock, we offer a multi-point locking system and hardware which is supplied in a Secured by Design specification as standard. The tough and durable timber-grain effect thermoset skin further secures your home.

You’ll be left with a door that does not compromise security for looks. Our smart composite doors excel on all fronts, available in seven through-colour finishes or 36 special colour options.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Why Buy Smart Hardware for Composite Doors through Emplas?

Exclusive to Emplas

If you’re looking to buy smart hardware for composite doors, the only fabricator you can get it through is Emplas. Kubu has granted us exclusivity for the first 6 months, so if you truly want to give your customer the best composite door, you can only do so by choosing us.


We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of the installation for both the tradesman and their customer. That’s why for 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to giving our customers their windows, doors, conservatory or double glazing products on time and in full. You won’t have to worry about the product being late or with bits missing. You’ll be able to get on with the installation or selling a product that is perfect for your customer. That’s why 99.2% of our deliveries have been completed OTIF.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors

Family Values

Although Emplas was set up 40 years ago in 1979, we are still a family-owned business and remain true to our principles. One of these is a no-compromise approach to product quality and a commitment to deliver an excellent personalised service. As part of this, our customer’s can buy smart hardware for composite doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate that you’re busy with your day-to-day lives. That’s why you can buy our range of products at a time to suit you.


With so many years in the industry, we’ve built up good levels of knowledge and skill when it comes to supporting our customers. We’ve put all this experience into our Emplas Virtual Assistant (EVA) whenever they need support. Eva is a retail sales support package unlike any other, drawing on our own in-house direct retail expertise. Everything offered through EVA is tried and tested and proven to work.

Available to all our trade customers, EVA offers a complete marketing and sales programme. Choose from direct mail campaigns to website builds and pay-per-click campaigns. EVA even managers your leads, lets you see what you’re working on and provide you with select administrative support.

Smart Hardware for Composite Door Prices

Our smart hardware for composite doors is competitively priced with the homeowner in mind. The door and Kubu system are affordable and will put your customer’s mind at ease. No longer will they worry that their home is not protected, with the multi-point locking, polyurethane foam and Kubu lock ensuring their home is secure. They’ll set the right first impression to those visiting their homes and enjoy excellent levels of thermal efficiency.

If you want to offer your customers smart hardware for composite doors at an affordable price, then become an Emplas installer today. You can call us on 01933 674 880 or you fill out our online contact form.

If you’re already an Emplas customer and want to order smart hardware for composite doors, then log-in to EVA to make an order.

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