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Emplas has rationalised its Secured by Design patio door pricing structure, part of a commitment to bring increased transparency to the way that it works. John Leary explains.

Secured by Design continues to deliver retail opportunities. According to new government figures, burglaries jumped by 6% in the year to June from 398,330 to 423,137 offences – the first major rise in almost a decade of decline. 

With doors and windows, the weak point in homes, security can be expected to be of increased significance in retail, while in commercial and social markets, Part Q has already made it a pre-requisite. That means the opportunities to win business on the back of enhanced security specifications has also increased. 

Emplas has already taken steps to supporting its customers in doing this in supplying our complete range of composite and PVC entrance doors as Secured by Design as standard. It means that our customers can win business on price, or upsell to a higher specification and increase margin. 

We’re also supporting this through rapid turnaround. Although our composite door offer is among the UK’s most extensive, with multiple colour and finish options, we have developed a highly competitive range of six specially selected door styles, which make up around 65% of all of the doors that we supply.

This includes the Esteem Solid, and part-glazed, Elegance, Eclat Arch, Esteem, Elegance Arch and Eclat style options. Available SBD as standard and in as little as 5-days, and available in standard, black, blue, green, red, rosewood and white, with specially selected Kara Zinc, Scotia Zinc, Andorra, Zinc and Stippolyte and clear glazing options, it speeds up and simplifies process.

This thinking has informed our development of our new inline sliding door pricing structure. As PatioMaster Anglia, we manufacture one of the UK’s leading patio door systems. It’s secure as standard. 

Available in two, three and four pane options, in as little as a five-day turnaround on standard orders, standard security features include multi-point locking with 6 hook opposing action and an inbuilt anti-lift system. This is combined with reinforced profile and high performance hardware. 

Our Secured by Design specification builds on these core features securing opportunities in commercial and specification sectors as a Part Q approved patio door but also creating the opportunity to upsell in a retail environment. 

This includes the addition of two patio interlock bolts which lock the sliding panel to the fixed frame and which mean that would-be burglars cannot force the door apart.

It also features a full width security head rail, which runs across the full width of the top opening panel and a full height security keep rail, designed to strengthen the sliding sash at the corners. 

SBD door hardware including anti-bump cylinder and a PAS24 handle, fully tested to withstand three minutes of manual attack.

Simple Pricing

Again, we have simplified our pricing structure making it simpler to price Secured by Design patio door installations more effectively. The cost is the same regardless of size of door or finish – you simply pay an additional £100 plus VAT per sash on top of the price you would normally pay for a standard door. 

This makes building in margin easier and it supports the opportunity to upsell.

FACTBOX:    Inline sliding patio doors from PatioMaster

  • Secured-by-Design option
    • Patio Interlock bolts – two bolts located at the top and bottom of the door lock the sliding panel to the fixed frame. This means that the doors can’t be forced apart.
    • Security head rail – a full width rail running across the top of the opening panel builds on performance in the standard specification to stop the door being lifted off and out of its track.
    • Full height security keep rail – supports and strengthens the sliding sash at the corners
    • PAS24 handle – high security handle with a thicker and stronger back plate fully tested to withstand three minutes of manual attack
    • Anti-bump cylinder – Prevents entry through disabling of locking mechanism.
  • Choice of 19 finishes
  • Slim stepped 86mm outer frame that reduces plaster cutback and enhances visual appearance.
  • Secure internal sliding panels in two, three and four pane options.
  • Wide range of accessories, including handles in white, black, chrome or Gold, plus anodised gold and silver option.
  • Optional low track, low threshold system.
  • Low-line gaskets extruded to sash.
  • Three chamber sash for maximum thermal efficiency and strength.
  • Multi-point locking system for outstanding security on all standard specifications.
  • Concealed fixings (no ugly screw heads). 

Security is its tangible in a way that energy efficiency, for example isn’t. You can see it – and that makes demonstrating the benefits of your product range to the end user, including over and above those of your competitors easier.

The obstacle to doing that in our experience, including as a retailer through T&K Home Improvements, is pricing, not so much cost as the process of ‘costing’. If we can take the complexity and the paperwork away, we believe we can support our customers in accessing those higher margin opportunities.

We have also introduced a wholesale simplification of SBD creating dedicated tick box specifications as part of our online ordering process.  This means that rather than having to remember and select requirements under Secured by Design, Emplas customers can simply input window or door dimensions and then tick an SBD option.

This automatically pulls in all required data for an SBD upgrade of that window or door including everything from maximum heights and widths to locking mechanisms and cylinder combinations to reinforcement – and any requirement for laminated glass.

It takes the guess work out of specification and pricing of SBD products. And this creates an opportunity to upsell to them, accessing the higher margins that they present.

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