BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors

The AluK BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors are suited to any architectural project. These aluminium patio doors combine high performance with contemporary design, manufactured to the highest standards. Available in 2 to 6 pane and triple track options, these aluminium doors are perfect for properties where space is limited. The slim aluminium frame accommodates large panes of glazing, providing your customer with excellent views of the outside of their property throughout the year. To give your customer the peace of mind they've chosen the best door for their home, our BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors are certified by Secured by Design and PAS24.

Excellent U-values

The BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors boast U-values of 1.7 W/m2K for double glazing & 1.5 W/m2K with triple glazing, reducing reliance on central heating.

Slim Sightlines

These aluminium patio doors are designed to flood your customer's home with light. Sightlines of 45mm are available for the BSC94 Inline Sliding Door.

Certified PAS24

The BSC94 Inline Sliding Door sets high standards for security, certified from Secured by Design & PAS24 when incorporating laminated glass.

Triple Track Options

Your customer can choose whether to incorporate our triple track options for their BSC94 Inline Sliding Door. This creates another pane for these doors.


Our BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors can be designed in single or dual colour polyester powder coatings, with textured & anodised finishes available.

Anti Bi-Metal Strip

BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors are fitted with an anti bi-metal polyamide strip. This allows for varying expansion rates, ensuring the door integrity.

Colour Options

Custom RAL White Grey Black Brown

Aluminium Patio Door FAQ's

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors.

1 - What Standards Are These Doors Design to Meet?

Our AluK BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors are designed to conform to PAS24 and Secured by Design standards.

2 - What Colour Options Are Available?

The BSC94 Inline Sliding Door is available in single or dual colour polyester powder coating, texture and anodised finishes. Standard colours include white, black, brown, anthracite grey, black/white and anthracite grey/white. Any RAL colour can also be ordered.

3 - Can the Door Accommodate Triple Glazing?

No, our BSC94 Inline Sliding Patio Doors accommodate 28mm double glazing panes.

4 - Can the opening options be customised?

Yes, as with a normal patio door, our aluminium patio doors can be opened from the left or right, your customer can choose the perfect option for their property.

What Is an Aluminium Patio Door?

If you’re a homeowner wondering what an aluminium patio door is, Emplas has got you sorted. Aluminium patio doors are the perfect back door for any size property. The customisable pane numbers mean this door can easily be installed where space is limited, and unlike other doors, does not swing in or open out. 

Like their uPVC counterparts, aluminium patio doors help to flood your home with natural light. The slim aluminium frames accommodate large panes of glazing, providing panoramic views of the outside of your home throughout the year. This means that even in the coldest of winter months, you can fully take in the beauty of your garden. 

BSC94 Sliding Patio Doors Video

Please see the video below for a guide on how Emplas manufacture doors such as our BSC94 Inline Sliding Doors.

BSC94 Sliding Patio Doors Brochure

Want to find out more about the BSC94 system? Why not view this brochure! By becoming an Emplas approved installer, you'll access our brochures and other resources.


Sightlines up to 45mm


Dual or Triple Rail Options


Single or Dual Colours


28mm Double Glazing


PAS24 Cerified


Anti bi-metal Strip


Larger Glazing Area


Secured by Design Certified


U-Values of 1.7 W/m2K


Suited to All Projects


Range of Opening Configurations


Optional Interlock

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