We use the Profile 22 Optima System for the majority of our windows, the Spectus profile for our Sliding Sash Windows, and AluK's quality design for our aluminium windows. Each profile offers market-leading levels of thermal efficiency, security & don't require a lot of maintenance. As the majority of our range is Profile 22 Windows, you'll be guaranteeing your customers a high-quality window that will make their property stand-out. Browse our range of Profile 22 uPVC Windows, AluK Aluminium Windows and Spectus Sliding Sash Windows today.

Value for Money

Our products will save your customers money on their energy bills, making them a secure investment.

Quality Assured

All our products undergo extensive tests and checks, meeting and exceeding the current Building Regulations & Standards ISO14001 & ISO9001. Your customers will receive nothing but the best when you choose an Emplas product.


Our custom-built technology ensures our orders are never incomplete, identifying any potential problems (though unlikely). This allows us to complete the majority of our orders on-time-in-full.

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