Is Smart Hardware the future of door security?

Over the last decade, smart hardware has evolved. We believe it is the future of security, keeping customers protected and stopping regular call outs. The evolution of Smart hardware is linked to the rise in mobile usage. As a supplier or installer of doors, it is vital that you are up-to-date with the latest hardware technologies to stay ahead of your competitors.

Powered through mobile and WiFi connectivity, smart locking systems are the latest door locking system that aims to increase home security and usability. Smart locks, which use a smartphone to link the customer with the security of the door, are a cost-effective security compliance for risk owners.

Smart hardware does not impact the way the door is installed and it will be operated in exactly the same way, also. It’s a cost-neutral installation for your customers.


Smart locking systems are regularly being assessed and tested to ensure they meet or exceed the level of security offered by traditional ley locks. Smart locks are encrypted, this ensures that no one can gain access by hacking your phone. The authentication procedures on the lock and the app stop someone from gaining access without your authorization. Because Smart hardware is installed internally, these systems are almost impossible to tamper with externally.

It’s not uncommon that lots of different locks use the same key cut. This means if your company’s master key is lost or compromised, you will be forced to rekey the entire facility. Using Smart locking systems will eliminate this costly and time-consuming event. Smart locking systems are tied to identifications, if the phone is lost, you can simply disable the Smart Lock’s access permission and reset the system.

Kubu smart hardware is installed in many of our doors as standard. The smart sensors let your customers check the status of their door from any location at any time. With every turn of the key, your customers will be notified, no matter whey they are in the world.

As the customer walks away from their home with the door unlocked, their phone disconnects from the wi-fi and the Kubu smart hardware systems will send them a notification to inform them of the situation. The app provides an entire log of whenever someone has unlocked or locked the door, allowing you to investigate any suspicious activity around the building. This could be a hugely useful resource should an incident occur or an unfortunate break in happens.

Customers will be able to set schedules to remind them to check if their door is locked or unlocked. You can share the control with four other people, offering their family or flatmates with the ultimate peace of mind. If your customer deals with multiple buildings or properties, you can share the lock status with several people. If a homeowner goes away on holiday, they can pass the control of their Smart hardware systems to someone else.

Kubu Smart Hardware

For some customers, this new technology could be daunting. That’s why Kubu Smart Hardware does more than just send app notifications, making the product much more user-friendly. The visual indicator can be plugged into the building for ease of access. It will glow blue when all the doors are locked and orange if at least one is unlocked.

As many homeowners already have a smart speaker, Smart hardware can integrate with the Alexa. The Kubu App can easily be linked to an Alexa account, answering questions about the security, status and history of your doors.

Kubu systems have been designed to be simple and hassle-free to fit for the installer. If the end-user doesn’t want to enable Kubu notifications immediately, covers can be left in place on re-routed housing inside the door. If they do want to enable the Smart system, these covers can be removed and the battery-powered module slots in and becomes activated.

It is outstanding how far Smart hardware systems have progressed since those early Bluetooth gadgets. Instead of simply replacing a physical key with Smart technology, there is now a home improvement trend of pursuing broader device functionality to broaden commercial appeal across a range of sectors.

Kubu Sensor Lock

Offering your customers a smart hardware system can act as a fantastic optional extra. This can be upsold to potential customers who want their door to be futureproof. Offer your customers, whether domestic or commercial, an upgraded and innovative Smart hardware experience.

With smart hardware becoming more and more popular for customers across the UK, providing smart locking systems allows you to add an extra branch for your business. Smart locks are a look to the future in a world where more and more people are looking to upgrade their home to the best in locking, weatherproofing and insulation.  

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