The benefits of Kubu Smart Technology for Emplas Trade Installers

What is Kubu smart technology? 

Emplas’ collaboration with Kubu smart technology is a forward-thinking advancement in security which provides homeowners with an unprecedented level of confidence when it comes to home security. It is different and dynamic and provides secure locking systems to the fenestration business. Emplas was one of the launch partners for Kubu smart technology when it was first introduced to the market a few years ago. 

The Kubu smart door module is included and fitted by Emplas as standard so the trade installer does not have to do this. It’s simply a case of the homeowner choosing to activate the door module by ordering the Kubu pack/downloading the app. Your homeowner customers will then be able to track their property’s security, including being able to see if doors are locked, door locking history, set reminders to lock doors and receive notifications about current situations once disconnected from wifi. The smart sensors allow customers to check the status of their door at any time from any place in the world. This places homeowners with Kubu smart technology in an advantageous position!

Kubu smart technology is a leader in secure locking systems for trade installers. Kubu smart technology is now offered as standard in all Emplas composite doors and uPVC door models except patio doors, therefore, trade installers can benefit from this unique technology differentiating themselves. This forward-thinking and innovative technology is one step ahead of any other locking system, and  Emplas trade installers continue offering Kubu technology hardware to their customers.

Kubu smart technologies advanced collaboration with Locket

Kubu smart technology has an additional collaboration with Locket. Locket is a third-party insurance company that is rewarding homeowners who are investing in smart Kubu home security. As a trade installer providing Emplas products fitted with Kubu, your customers are benefitting from more favourable home insurance quotes. This insurance will serve several benefits for the homeowner, knowing they are covered for all aspects of security. This is perfect for installers who serve clients in urban areas.

Kubu Smart Technology App benefits 

Kubu smart technology brings an array of benefits for trade installers to offer their clients. When a trade installer fits the smart sensors they connect to an app on your customer’s phone and will supply them with vital information.

Firstly, your customer can check the status of their door from any place and at any time convenient to you. Secondly, they will receive perimeter notifications. This is simple; once you disconnect from wifi the Kubu app will automatically notify your customer if they have left their door unlocked. Eliminating stress and panic! 

In addition to this, the app includes features to schedule notifications for locking doors. Customers can set these at anytime. Another reason why this app ensures market-leading features is that homeowners can share their doors with other family members. They are able to add up to four people onto an account, meaning their whole family can check the security status of the property. 

Lastly, there is a Kubu smart technology visual indicator that plugs into the home. This is colour coordinated so the customer can always see the status of locked doors. It will glow blue when all the doors are locked or orange if at least one door is unlocked.

Kubu Smart Technology For Emplas Trade Installers

Trade installers can continue supplying customers with what they want from replacement windows and doors. Kubu creates advantages moving forward and promotes differentiation for trade installers with the Emplas network. Fabricators and installers can now future-proof homes, standing out against the competition. Trade installers have the chance to offer homeowners Kubu smart technology, an affordable high-quality product that is quick to set up and simple to use. Consumers can activate this technology and utilise it fully being one step ahead of securing their homes. 

Now is the time for installers to start promoting Kubu smart technology, supplying customers with a forward-thinking solution to security. Contact Emplas now if you have any queries or questions you would like answered by our team of friendly experts.

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