Quality double glazing products in Blandford and Poole have never been easier to get. By improving your Dorset home with the finest double glazing products, you’ll enjoy 21st-century standards of security, heat retention, weatherproofing and without any high maintenance issues.

Newglaze: The Go-To Installer for Double Glazing in Blandford and Poole

Newglaze is a member of the Emplas Approved Installer Network and one of the best installers for double glazing in Blandford and Poole. As well as offering Emplas’ range of uPVC Doors, Windows and Composite Doors, they also offer a variety of products from other market-leading suppliers. These include a range of conservatories, house extensions and aluminium products. Each product is manufactured from the finest materials to provide the Dorset homeowner with a performance that lasts.

Newglaze: More than 40-Years of Experience

What makes Newglaze stand out for quality double glazing in Blandford & Poole is the fact they have more than four decades of experience within the industry. Over this time, they’ve continued to provide a relaxed, friendly people-centred approach that has been refined over the years. By choosing Newglaze, you’ll be opting for an installer that carries out work to the highest professional standard.


Newglaze: Double Glazing to Complement Your the Style of Your Blandford & Poole Home

The Newglaze team knows that every Blandford & Poole home is different, with each homeowner having their own personal tastes. That’s why each double glazing product can be customised to fit every type of Dorset home. Whether you have a more traditional property and you want a product that suits, or a modern home that you want a brighter colour, Newglaze will offer double glazing to match. As an Emplas installer, these products can be customised in a range of different colours with different accessories:

Newglaze: Double Glazing to Improve Your Blandford & Poole Home

Through choosing a Newglaze product, you’ll improve the general performance and security of your Blandford or Poole home. Each product we offer is created from the finest materials and made using the latest manufacturing techniques. The profiles used to make the products will improve the thermal capabilities of your home, with heat trapped for longer, reducing your energy bills.

Each Newglaze product is also fitted with the latest in secure technology. This provides the Blandford and Poole homeowner with peace of mind that the only people entering their property will be people they have personally invited.

Newglaze: Double Glazing Prices Blandford & Poole

If you’re a homeowner and looking for double glazing in Blandford or Poole, then Newglaze is the installer for you. If you’d like to find out more about how Newglaze can improve your property, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call them on 01258 483 535 or fill out the online contact form.

For those who already know what double glazing product they need to improve their Blandford or Poole home, then why not start an online quote. Just enter a few details to receive a bespoke estimate, with no obligation to book.

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