Casement Windows

We manufacture our Casement Windows using the Optima system, which comes in several different styles and sizes. Your customers can get the perfect fit for their home. These windows combine exceptional flexibility with advanced security & thermal performance. Your customers can match these windows in with the décor of their homes thanks to the range of foiled and coloured finishes.


Our Casement Windows are extremely weatherproof. They are fitted with deeper drainage channels to carry rain away from the property and a 10mm Cover for Weather Tightness.

Thermally Efficient

The thermal efficiency of your customer's homes will be improved through our casement windows. These windows provide U-Values as low as 0.9 W/m2K & WER values of A+.

Secure Peace of Mind

These windows are fitted with multi-point locking as standard. The glass is also internally glazed, preventing burglars removing the glass from outside your customer's home.

Slim Profile

The slim profile allows for a larger glazing area, allowing for improved thermal efficiency in your customer's home & panoramic views of their garden.

Low Maintenance

To maintain the good-as-new look, these windows just require an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. They won't ever require repainting as the window doesn't discolour.

Glazing Options

As with all our uPVC windows, your customers can choose between double or triple glazing panes. The window frame has been manufactured to accommodate both.

Colour Options

Glass Options

white chartwell-green dark-red brilliant-blue Steel-Blue agate-grey
autumn casement-autumn-cutout casement-chantilly-cutout casement-charcoal-sticks-cutout casement-contora-cutout casement-cotswold-cutout casement-digital-cutout casement-everglade-cutout casement-flemish-cutout casement-florielle-cutout casement-mayflower-cutout casement-minster-cutout casement-oak-cutout casement-pelerine-cutout casement-stippolyte-cutout casement-sycamore-cutout casement-taffeta-cutout casement-warwick-cutout

Casement Window FAQ's

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Casement Windows.

1 - Is This Window Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, and in more ways than one! The Optima system excels in thermal efficiency, giving U-Values as low as 0.9W/m2K and Window Energy Ratings of up to A+. This will lead to less need for central heating, reducing the property's carbon footprint. As fabricators, we believe it's important to provide a thermally efficient product. That's why we're committed to reducing our own carbon footprint, delivering increased efficiency and reduction in our energy consumption. We are also committed to recovering & recycling manufacturing waste & materials generated by end-of-life products.

2 - Is This Window Secure?

By using the Optima profile, we can offer a window that meets the highest standards of security. The window is fitted with a high-security multi-point locking system and internally glazed, preventing a burglar from removing the pane from the outside. The uPVC profile itself is durable and strong, standing tall against uninvited visitors. The Central Eurogroove within the profile gives the sash greater rigidity. Our Windows are Secured by Design with a simple selection of additional dog bolts to the hinge side of the window and laminated glass where applicable.

3 - Does it Come in Different Colours?

Emplas is able to offer our casement window range in a variety of different colours. We offer multiple foil and colour options including our own in-house spraying booth which can ensure all windows doors and ancillary items match perfectly.

What Is a Casement Window?

If you’re a homeowner wondering what a casement window is, we’ve got you sorted! Casement windows are one of the most popular designs installed across the UK and usually fitted single or in pairs. The functional and versatile design means these windows can be matched to any type of property.

Casement windows are incredibly adaptable and can be designed to open out from the top or the bottom of the window frame. The typical side-hinges positioning allows this window to be incorporated into designs such as the bow & bay window. The most commonly selected design is to have the hinge at the side of the casement frame and to swing open.

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Casement Window Benefits

Easy Clean Fire Egress Hinges

Lipped slider for enhanced smooth operation. Easy friction adjustment without metal to metal contact. Restricted hinge options available to protect the most vulnerable.

Stainless Steel Friction Stays
Stainless Steel Friction Stays

Available in ferritic 430 or austenitic 304 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Durable and weather resistant, tested to 30,000 open cycles.

Customisable Handle Options
Customisable Handle Options

Guaranteed for 10 years, available in various colours to complement any window style. Our austenitic 304 stainless steel ergonomic handles are rust resistant.

Multi-Point Locking Systems
Multi-Point Locking Systems

Maximum security multi-point locking systems provide enhanced protection against forced entry. Additional dog bolts improve stability around the entire frame and prevent attack on the hinge side of the window.

Trickle Vents
Trickle Vents

Available in uPVC and aluminium, in a range of colours to match any frame (vent in frame head only for flush casement). Provided loose to prevent damage in transit. Complies with latest building regulations.

Accredited Weather Performance
Accredited Weather Performance

Superior weather sealing and draught proofing performance, conforming to the exacting standards of the BS-36751 accreditation.

Docking System Bolt
Docking System Bolt

Patented bolt into the keep docking system prevents sideways movement of the bolt when under attack.

Shootbolt Locks
Superior Shoot Bolt

Heavy duty bolt has up to 300 per cent greater contact area against competitor shoot bolts.

Durable Hardware
Durable Hardware

Resistant to salt and spray (BSEN1670) and cycle tested over 50,000 times for ultimate long term performance.

Choice of Profile Options

Profile 22 Chamfered Windows

Chamfered detailing features a more contemporary and simpler bevelled edge, with straight sightlines.

Profile 22 Scultpured Windows

Sculptured detailing offers a more traditional decorative finish replicating the curves found on traditional timber windows.

Profile 22 Flush Windows
Flush Sash

Featuring a dedicated slimline window sash flush within the outer frame, recreating a period aesthetic.

Casement Window Handle Options

White Window Handle
Satin Window Handle
Chrome Window Handle
Gold Window Handle
Black Window Handle

Flush fitting push button


Key locking

Push to Release

Locking mechanisms


Sculptured cranked handle available in both left hand and right hand variants

Corrosion Resistant

Tested to BSEN1690 grade 5 salt and ammonia attack

Colour Coded

Push button and screw
cover cap

Casement Windows Video

View how our casement windows are manufactured in this video. As an Emplas approved installer, you'll be able to use customised versions of these videos and more on your own site.

Casement Windows Brochure

By becoming an Emplas approved installer, you have access to our range of brochures which includes the “Complete Collection” highlighting the features and benefits of our Optima Window range.


70mm Framing System


Optional Sash Central Seal


5 Chamber Sash


10mm Cover on Weatherseals


U-values of 0.9W/m2K WERS


Chamfered or Sculptured Design


6 Chamber Outer Frame


Multiple Foil and Colour Options


Optional Outer Frame Centre Seal


Triple Glazing Panes Up To 44mm


Optional RCM Thermal Inserts


SAC Multi-Point Locking System

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