Part F over-specification costing installers jobs

Emplas has warned that six-months on from the update to Part F, many installers are still defaulting to a catch-all replacement specification, something which it says could be costing them work.

The update to Part F in June, introduced a new requirement for replacement windows to either put back the same level of ventilation in new windows as was there before, where trickle vents were previously present; or to make sure that windows achieved a 8,000mm2 equivalent area (EA) background ventilation in kitchens and habitable rooms.

The requirement for replacement windows in bathrooms is 4,000mm2 EA, while in utility rooms and WCs, there’s no minimum requirement.

Link Vent 4000 from Emplas

Paul Dowling, Technical Manager, Emplas, warned that installers who were specifying trickle vents on all windows were adding unnecessary costs, something which could cost them business as homeowners applied more scrutiny to costs in the face of rising inflation bites.

“The individual cost of a trickle vent may be comparatively small but if you’re applying it to a house full of windows, it can add up and tip the balance in favour of someone else”, he said.

“We’d much rather that our customers get specifications right and win more business.”

The most common over-specification of trickle vents in replacement installations is in utility and WCs, which don’t require trickle vents under the regulation but also multiple windows in habitable rooms.

Paul continued: “There’s an issue here of comfort for the end-user. If you have a double aspect living room or dining room you could easily have two, three or even four windows in that space.

“If those windows each have a 4000 mm2 EA trickle vent, you could be effectively double-ventilating the space, increasing cost but also compromising performance.

“The regulation sets the requirement for the room – not the window.”

Emplas supplies the Link Vent trickle vent from Glazpart, which is available in a 4000mm2 EA,5000 and 2500EA options.

This includes a wide range of solid colour options available internally and externally to match Emplas’ colour offer, plus externally foiled options and white internally.

“The 4000mm2 Link Vent is the product which our customers are going to be specifying most of the time and it delivers a number of advantages”, Paul continued.

Link Vent 4000 from Emplas

“At 380mm long, the Link Vent 4000 is 74mm shorter than the Link Vent 5000, so it can be used in the frame and the sash and has less of an impact on the appearance of the window.

“It also performs very well acoustically and with the match that we can offer to our standard colour ranges creates a very flexible solution.”

Download the Link Vent 4000 leaflet

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