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BSF70 Aluminium Bifold Doors vs. F82 Bifold Doors

We supply two different Aluk bifolding profiles to installers; the market leading AluK Luminia F82 and the AluK BSF70 aluminium bifold door.

The highly versatile profiles offer an intelligent mix of form and function, available in a variety of colours and with Aluk’s patented pop-out handle. This means that when the door is not in use, homeowners can enjoy a whole wall of glazing.

The aluk bifold door f82 is an update of the much loved BSF70 Aluminium Bifold Doors. They are slimmer, neater, engineered to a superior level and meet the new Part L Building Regulations coming in June 2022.

Aluk is a reliable and popular brand with both tradespeople and installers. Their folding, sliding doors are one of the best investments a customer can make for their home.

What is the Aluk Luminia F82 Bifolding Door?

The Luminia F82 bifold door is a slim folding door filled with advanced features. They are one of the best looking doors on the market, with attractive hardware that delivers a high end look and a premium performance.

The standout feature of this bifolding design is how it looks. AluK has followed the sought after trend of designing and manufacturing a slimline bifolding door with door mullion sightlines of just 122mm, this is in contrast to the BSF70 which is 140mm. The Luminia bifold also offers consistent sight lines around the profile. Both frame and cill sightlines are 97mm for an enhanced visual appeal.

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The shoot bolt mechanisms neatly hug the corner of the door leaf and both the hinges and rollers are visually attractive. AluK has designed this door well. In the square profiled version, the Luminia F82 is a handsome bifold door.

Although aesthetics is important to a customer, these bifold doors also deliver on weatherproofing, security and thermal efficiency.

What are the BSF70 Aluminium Bifold Doors?

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The AluK BSF70 Aluminium Bifold doors are also an ideal addition to commercial and domestic project. Available in 2 to 6 panels, the slim frame can handle expansive panes of glazing. They exceed British Standards and Building Regulations.

These bifolding doors can achieve respectable U-values as 1.6 W/m2K for double glazing panes and 1.4 W/m2K with triple glazing. This design of door sets leading standards for security with Secured by Design / PAS24 specification as standard when laminated glass is incorporated.

The BSF70 can be installed with a low threshold option configured to achieve DDA and Part M compliance. This means the accessibility of a space can be improved for pushchair and wheelchair users.

What is the difference between BSF70 Aluminium Bifold Doors and AluK bifold doors f82?

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With the Aluk Optio BSF70 bifold door being a highly successful product for Aluk, how does the new F82 compare? While the BSF70 is by no means underperforming and outdated, the F82 does add some updates to the popular profile.

Enjoy a more attractive and slim appearance in comparison to alternatives with distinctive hardware and fewer aluminium components. This bifold doors also feature slim stainless steel rollers, ensuring it slides smoothly and fold along the track. The hardware can be adapted to your project and the flush pop out T-handle has been slimmed down and resigned.

As with any premium bifold crafted using high grade materials and innovative design techniques, you can expect certain features as standard including traffic doors, adaptable opening configurations, anti-finger trap gaskets and a low threshold option.

The interlock sightline is bigger on the Optio BSF70 at 140mm in comparison to the Luminia F82’s 120mm. the jamb sight Line and cill/bottom rail sightline are also more on the Optio BSF70. The Luminia F82 has square glazing detail and modern square aesthetics. BSF70 aluminium bifold doors have a more rounded aesthetic with square glazing bead details.

Both door designs have the same maximum panel width but BSF70 aluminium bifold doors are taller with a maximum door panel height of 2400mm. Both deliver outstanding levels of U-value, the F82 1.3Wm2K and the BSF70 1.6Wm2k. With thinner sightlines and an interlock of 122mm, F82 provides larger glazing panels without compromising on performance.


Aluminium is a naturally durable and robust home improvement solution. Our entire range of aluminium bifold doors is no different, their inherent strength allows for a robust and strong addition to any property in your area. This gives your customer the peace of mind they are installing a high-quality addition to their home that is built to perform for many months.

Whatever the requirements of your customer or your commercial project, we have an aluminium bifold door for you. We offer doors that fit the requirements and personal tastes, from shape, sizing and colours.

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