An Installers Guide to Colours & Foils

You can offer your customers a flexible window or door design. We offer a range of colours and foils that allow the customer to get the dream new installation for their home or business.

We offer a diverse selection of low-maintenance uPVC and aluminium colour and foil finishes which are accompanied by a quality guarantee of at least 10-years. We are confident they will stay looking and performing as good as new for longer.

We know that colour options are at the forefront of the replacement sector and are one of the key factors when it comes to new builds. That is why it is vital to offer a wide range of foils and a state-of-the-art in-house spray painting capability.


A new double glazing installation shouldn’t just come with monochrome options. That’s why at Emplas, our products come in a range of colours and woodgrains foil. This means customers can choose a made to measure product that suits their existing architecture, the décor of their home and their own design goals.

Although there’s nothing wrong with standard white or black double glazing, it doesn’t make a property stand out. A bespoke colour and woodgrain could help boost the market value of a property.

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Guide to Colours

A RAL colour is a colour matching system that is created and administered by the German RAL Institute. Companies like ALUK and DOORCO offer door profiles in more than 200 different RAL colours, from the bold to the neutral, customers will love the control they get over colours and foils.

Following extensive market research, the colour range we offer gives Emplas installers the opportunity to provide their customers with choices including smooth and ultra-matt varieties. This includes new Pebble Grey, Buckingham Grey, Sage Smooth, Silver D Smooth, Hazy Grey Finesse, Claystone, Flemish Gold Smooth, Basalt Grey Smooth, Pyrite, Windsor, Black Ulti-Matt, Kensington Grey, and Honey Oak Super-Matt.

British Made Doors

We offer each Profile 22 product in a range of different colours, with more than 15 available for your customers to choose from.

The DOORCO composite door can be customised in 8 standard colours, 38 premium and any RAL colour. The ALUK Luminia F82 Bi-Fold Door is available in white, grey, brown, black and any RAL colour.

No matter the colour your customer chooses, and no matter product used with, they won’t flake or peel when exposed to the temperamental and often adverse British weather conditions.

Guide to Foils  

A foil is a type of laminate finish that suits all windows and doors we supply. Foils usually mimic the colour and texture of authentic wood. This finish is applied by a heat bonding process which fuses it to the surface of the product, delivering an unbreakable finish.

The painting process in regard to colour foils is entirely different from spray-painted uPVC double glazing alternatives as it can be applied during the manufacturing process at the factory level. A coloured foil is laid on the surface of the profile before becoming baked. This process secures the foil and bonds it completely with the frame to ensure longevity and durability.


We offer 15 foils in stock foil finishes including woodgrain, flat greys, and creams. If that isn’t enough, we also have a further 28 foil finishes available on rapid order.

Our research has discovered that there is a real want for foils in the market. Since lockdown, homeowners are looking for a greater subtlety and want to define the architectural aesthetic of their current or new home.

Unlike timber or steel alternatives, colour and foil finishes on our advanced double glazing range are more resistant to fading. The colours are bonded to become part of the uPVC or aluminium profile instead of adhering to the surface.

This means that your customers won’t have to worry about carrying out frequent and regular maintenance on your new installation and won’t need to worry about repainting. These finishes will be able to withstand the British weather conditions, making it easy for customers to make a statement without wasting time and money on maintenance.

The colour ranges we offer allow us to be more flexible in the way that can better serve you. At the same time, new colour pathways and enhanced end-user appeal give them further reach with your customers.

By choosing Emplas, you can offer your customer a double glazing product in a variety of colours and woodgrain finishes, suiting every personal taste. For more information, email us at [email protected], via online contact form or by calling us on 01933 674880.

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