Government COVID-19 ‘in-home’ working guidance: An interpretation for the window and door industry

Emplas has published an easy-to-understand analysis of rules published by government on working in other people’s homes this week – explaining how they apply specifically to window and door retail.

Government COVID-19 ‘in-home’ working guidance: An interpretation for the window and door industry

The Government published guidance for getting back to work; Working safely during COVID-19 in other people’s homes: Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed, on Monday 11th May.

The detailed document is aimed at anyone whose work brings them into other people’s homes from boiler repair, and electricians to kitchen fitters.

As part of its continued programme of support for installers’ safe return to work, Emplas has developed an industry specific guide. This includes when and when it isn’t safe to work in someone’s home – and when it is – the steps installers should be taking to minimise risk.

To download Emplas’ Government guidance for working in other people’s homes and what it means for window and door retail, click here.

Ryan Johnson, Managing Director, Emplas, said: “The guidance from government is unequivocal – we can, and we should be going back to work. At the same time, we must take every step to minimise risk to those who work for us, and to our customers.

“The rules set out by Government aren’t industry specific. We believe in providing practical examples of how they will apply in the window industry, we can help customers get to grips with new conditions for working sooner, supporting a more effective industry recovery.”

Government guidance makes it clear that it is acceptable to carry out work in someone’s home as long as long as the risks associated with doing so have been assessed; where practical, they have been mitigated; and on this basis work can be carried out safely.

There are, however, a number of caveats and specific requirements, which Emplas has ‘translated’ for the window and door industry in the form of a simple and bulleted 10-minute read. 

Government COVID-19 ‘in-home’ working guidance: An interpretation for the window and door industry

This covers everything from the additional safety measures you need to put in place to protect vulnerable people who aren’t shielding, to hygiene controls and requirements for PPE.

Separately, Emplas has already published a Guide to Retail Lead Generation in the COVID Era and Safe Systems of Operation for Retail.

Among a vanguard of companies to have returned to work on 20th March, it is also sharing its learning points along the way – and making the systems it put in place to support this process available.

This includes safe systems of operation for office working; manufacturing; retail and installation; dispatch and deliveries. It also making its employee training programme available on request including its dedicated COVID-19 return to work training programme and assessment.

“We took the decision to go back relatively early on because we were seeing demand”, added Ryan, “the real advantage that that has given us and our customers, is that we have been able to not only resume supply – but to develop and now share the tools to do so, with the installers”, he continued.

“There is a real opportunity their now for independent installation businesses, to get out and win business, and for the moment with nationals still not back, without the large retailers ‘breathing down their necks’.

“In short, the sooner they get back, the greater the opportunity. The tools we have, and we’re developing, supports installers in doing that.”

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