‘Double Vision’- Emplas Takes Delivery of Second Schirmer

Emplas has taken receipt of a second Schirmer machining and cutting centre delivered as part of the G-Award winning fabricator’s continuous investment programme in product quality and service.

Automating profile cutting and machining, the Schirmer utilises advanced profile scanning technology to introduce ultra-precision accuracy to positioning of cuts and routs to within 0.3mm. 

It also means Emplas can convert a 6m bar length into a fully prepped frame within seconds, massively increasing production capacity, reducing manufacturing times and allowing it to deliver a more flexible service to its customers.

Ray Sinclair, Operations Director, Emplas, said: “We continue to grow but have been conscious throughout that our growth needs to be managed, sustainable and that increased volume has to be accompanied by continuing improvement in quality and service.

“A second Schirmer gives us capacity but most importantly allows us to continue to improve product quality. It gives us incredible precision in routing and cutting, which improves welds and the accuracy of fixings and which ultimately allows us to deliver a better product to our customers.”

Delivered in October, the Schirmer comes as part of a £1.4million spend by Emplas on new machinery. This includes the purchase of a new Rotox eight-head welding and cleaning line, giving Emplas two fully automated lines. 

Double Vision

It’s also invested in a new Rotox high speed sash cleaner, increasing sash output by more than 20% and a Rotox five-head inline welder. This is in addition to three five-head welders and one four-head welder that Emplas already have in operation.

Emplas has also invested in a second Rotox crucifix welder and two new Rotox bead lines. When you take all of the investment combined, it will allow Emplas to achieve a total output capacity of 2,500 frames on a single shift.  

Emplas is also currently close to the completion of a major extension of its operational hub which will expand its current 50,000 sq ft capacity to almost 70,000 sq ft by the autumn. Adding around a third again to Emplas’ manufacturing facility, the new development will house new lines, loading bays and offices.

Sinclair added: “It comes back to sustainable growth and investment for the long-term. We don’t want to be on the limit of our capacity because when you are, product quality and service suffers.

“The investment that we’re making now in machinery and in our infrastructure, puts us on a course for sustainable growth and with it continuing improvement in product quality and service. Everything we’re doing does and has to serve the customer”, he concluded.

For more information on Emplas visit www.emplas.co.uk, email [email protected] or call 01933 674880.

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