Saving Your Customers Money

At Emplas we offer incredible uPVC Window prices. Giving your customers great value for their money. Our uPVC window prices are lower than others on the market, without compromising on quality. The Profile 22 uPVC window provides U-values as low as 0.9 W/m2K and WER values of A+. The Spectus Sliding Sash Window provides a WER rating of A. Both profiles break down and trap heat within your property, reducing your customer’s reliance on their central heating, saving money on energy bills and reducing their property’s carbon footprint.

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Protecting Their Home Against Modern Burglary Techniques

The double or triple glazing pane within the window, alongside multi-point locks will protect your customer’s home from modern burglary techniques. The Sliding Sash Window is Kitemarked to BS EN 12608 & certified to PAS24, giving your customer peace of mind that their property is secure. Our uPVC Window prices include a variety of hardware including balances, pivot bars and locking mechanisms.

Profile 22’s window is fitted with multi-point locking as standard, with the glass internally glazed to prevent burglars from removing the glass from outside of your customer’s home. This means you can offer your customer a uPVC Window that won’t put the security of their house at risk, but in fact, improve it.

Quality Customisation Options

Both the Profile 22 and Spectus uPVC Windows prices are inclusive of a great range of customisation options that will give your customer the best window that matches their property. Our uPVC Window prices include customisable handle options, colour and foil options, fire egress hinges, stainless steel friction stays, trickle vents, Chamfered, Sculptured or Flush Sash profiles and more. We offer great uPVC Window prices to our trade customers for the following products:

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Homeowners Benefit with our uPVC Window Prices

At Emplas our purpose is to improve Britain’s homes by manufacturing the most complete range of high quality windows and doors. Our unbeatable uPVC Window prices mean that homeowners can enjoy a range of benefits at a more affordable rate. Windows manufactured by Emplas and installed by your business will provide award-winning results time after time.
Our uPVC Windows are extremely weatherproof and are now fitting with a deeper drainage channel. This feature means that rain will be carried away from your property and you can further enjoy the 10mm Cover for Weather Tightness.

The thermal efficiency of your customers home will be improved by installing our uPVC Windows. These windows provide incredibly low U-Values, meaning that you can promise their home will stay warmer for longer. Customers looking to make home improvements are becoming increasingly aware of their properties carbon footprint and what they can do to reduce it. At Emplas our uPVC Window prices mean that you can offer customers uPVC Windows that are manufactured to improve energy efficiency whilst saving your customers money.

Accredited Quality

Your customers can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that their windows have been manufactured to the highest standards. Every Profile 22 Window Emplas makes follows British Standards ISO14001 and ISO90001, exceeding and meeting the current UK Building Regulations. This means your customers can enjoy high-quality, low cost uPVC Window prices.

Family Values

Although Emplas was set up 40 years ago in 1979, we are still a family-owned business and remain true to our principles. One of these is a no-compromise approach to product quality and a commitment to deliver excellent uPVC Window prices. As part of this, our customer’s can buy their customer’s double glazing products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate that you’re busy with your day-to-day lives. That’s why our great uPVC Window prices are available at a time that suits you.

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Find Your Nearest Emplas Installer

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Despite offering a quality performance, we offer uPVC Window prices that are affordable, so our customers can offer the homeowner quality that doesn’t cost the earth. If you’ve got a uPVC Window in mind for your customer, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01933 674 880 or fill out our online contact form.

If you already have an account and want to make an order, then head to EVA to start your order.

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