Market-Leading PatioMaster Profile

The UK installer or tradesman will be choosing the best profile by opting for Emplas as their PatioMaster supplier. The PatioMaster design is one of the best patio doors on the market. The customisable design makes it a must-have for homeowners.

The PatioMaster door can be customised to suit any project. Installers that choose Emplas as their PatioMaster supplier can choose 2, 3 or 4 pane layouts, with panes of 2000 x 21000.

Low thresholds can also be incorporated into the design, perfect for installers carrying out installations in properties that need wheelchair or pushchair access.

Make Emplas Your PatioMaster Supplier

Protecting Your Customer's Home

You can instil confidence in your customer that their property is secure by choosing Emplas as your PatioMaster supplier. We manufacture these doors to incorporate the latest secure technology.

These doors are steel reinforced and fitted with multi-point locking and anti-jacking technology. This prevents the panes from being removed from outside the property or for any potential weak spots to be exploited.

For installers that want to offer their customer more peace of mind, Emplas offer the perfect solution. We can offer as a PatioMaster supplier security upgrades that will further secure your customer’s home. This includes patio interlock bolts, anti-bump lock cylinders, a security headrail and PAS24:2012 handles. Installers that choose Emplas can truly get the best patio doors for their customers.

Patio Door Supplier Emplas
PatioMaster Prices

Built to Standard

Emplas as a PatioMaster supplier only manufactures patio doors to the highest standards. These patio doors are manufactured to conform to Secured by Design requirements. The profile is also manufactured to BS EN 12608 specifications.

Reducing Your Customer’s Energy Bills

Installers that choose Emplas as their PatioMaster supplier help their customers do their bit for the environment. The multi-chambered profile works alongside the 28mm double glazing panes to trap in pockets of warm air. This will retain warm air within your customer’s home throughout the year.

Even in the coldest of winters, your customer will enjoy natural warmth through their patio doors. This will lead to the energy bills of the property reducing. As a PatioMaster supplier, we offer doors that will help reduce the carbon footprint of your customer’s home.

Weatherproof Build

For installers looking to replace old timber or steel back doors, the PatioMaster door is perfect. We offer doors as a Patiomaster supplier that will keep the elements out of your customer’s home. A lowline gasket is fitted into the design. This will keep out cold draughts and damp.

Even after constant exposure to the elements, the doors we offer as a Patiomaster supplier will retain their quality. The frame of the door will not bow, warp, twist, crack or discolour. The only maintenance your customer has to carry out is to give the frame an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to retain the good-as-new look.

Sliding Patio Door Manufacturers Emplas

Suited to All Projects

The customisable design of these patio doors sets Emplas apart from other PatioMaster suppliers. By manufacturing these doors ourselves, we have full control over the quality. This means you can suit it to any double glazing installation you’re carrying out.

The PatioMaster door we offer as PatioMaster supplier can be customised in a range of colour and woodgrain foils to fit your needs. For traditional properties, or on jobs where you’re replacing a timber door, the wood foil replicates the look of wood. Your customer won’t be left with the same issues. For modern homes, a bolder colour will make the property stand out.

Reasons to Choose Emplas as Your PatioMaster Supplier

Years of Experience Within the Industry

Emplas has more than 40-years of experience within the industry, being the go-to PatioMaster supplier and manufacturer, as well as other products. As a family-run business, we remain true to offering the highest quality product and are committed to delivering the best products to the trade and new build sectors.

Excellent Customer Support

By choosing Emplas as your PatioMaster supplier, you will experience the highest level of customer support. Our team is on-hand to help you, from the initial enquiry right up until after installation. Should you have any issues at all during the process, our team will help. As a business, we are committed to making installations as easy as possible for the installer, providing orders in full and on-time.

Choose Emplas as Your PatioMaster Supplier

If you’d like to choose Emplas as your PatioMaster supplier, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our team on 01933 674 880 or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you.

For homeowners that may want to find a PatioMaster installer, or to get a quote, click here. Just enter a few details and Emplas will send the details to your nearest installer.

PatioMaster Supplier Brochure

Find Out More Information about PatioMaster patio doors in our brochure

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