Curtain Walling

Manufactured in a highly flexible aluminium uPVC clad system, our curtain walling combines quality, sustainability and the best value. We work in partnership with Profile 22 to provide curtain walling for specifiers and commercial projects. We work with our customers from the initial planning phase, right through to delivery. This includes through-project support from our field technical support team.

Fully Tested

Our curtain walling profile has been fully tested to BS 5368, achieving results equivalent of three times severe weather ratings for water tightness.


Our Curtain Walling system can accommodate either 60mm or 70mm window frames or panels, making it quick and simple to install.

Easy to Replace

In the event that a unit needs replacing, our curtain walling system accepts individual glazed frames. The bead is removed & new unit slotted in.

Energy Efficient

The thermally-broken curtain walling delivers ultimate energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills.

Colour Options

By using the Profile 22 system, you can shape the curtain walling in a colour that best suits your project or building.

Long Lasting

As our uPVC components are of high quality, they are simple to maintain and never require repainting.

Curtain Walling FAQ's

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Curtain Walling.

1 - Where Can Curtain Walling Be Used?

It can be used on Education Buildings, Offices, Hospitals, Factories, Shop Fronts, Large Stairwell Screens & Other Commercial Developments.

2 - Does it Meet Standards?

Yes, our curtain walling is BSI tested and an accredited system.

3 - Does it Come in Different Colours?

Yes, our curtain walling comes in a variety of different colours & finishes.


High Performance


uPVC Clad, Thermally Broken System


Fully Compatible


Improved Building Aesthetics


BSI Tested


Popular Amongst Specifiers


Glazing Options


Diverse Colour Range


Tried & Tested Solution


Uniformity of Product Texture


Noise Control



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