Emplas Introduce Smarter New Build Standard

Emplas has helped a new build housing group to become the first to offer smart-ready doors as standard. Emplas has worked with the Curo Group to offer its new homeowners uPVC doors equipped with Kubu Smart Hardware as standard. This will be continued as the association continues to create starter homes for homeowners across the country.

The Project

The Woodland View Hygge Park development will stand out for homeowners looking to get on the property ladder with these new smart as standard doors. The Kubu Smart Hardware Emplas supplied in these doors will notify the homeowner if they’ve left their door unlocked. The smart lock works alongside smart speakers such as the Amazon Alexa and gives the homeowner real-time lock notifications through the Kubu app.

On the project, Emplas managing director said this to the Glass News: “Housebuilders are looking for differentiation like everyone else. Smart technologies deliver that, and Kubu is the perfect fit. Being able to offer house buyers access to a tech and app that allows them to monitor the perimeter security for their home is a major selling point in new build, or for that matter retail.”

The Benefits

Kubu Smart Hardware can now take the lingering thought of leaving the door unlocked away from the modern day homeowner. The hardware notifies the homeowner if they’ve left the door unlocked as soon as their phone disconnects from the Wifi. This gives them enough time to go back and check the door is locked. The real-time checking on the app means that should the homeowner have any lingering doubts, they can quickly put their mind at ease by checking the lock status.

Perfect for Families

The Kubu Smart Hardware app is perfect for the modern family. The door can be shared with four other people, meaning the whole family can check the lock status of the door. The app can allow for schedules to be set, offering reminders to young children or elderly adults to lock a door.

For homeowners that aren’t smart savvy, the visual indicator is the perfect alternative. This piece of Kubu smart hardware requires a wifi connection. It plugs into the home, glowing blue when all the doors are locked and orange if at least one door is unlocked.

Check Lock History

Your Kubu Smart Hardware app compiles a complete log of whenever someone has unlocked/locked the door. This information can be shared with the police if you had noticed any suspicious activity. This lock also means the homeowner can easily check if young children or elderly relatives have been remembering to lock the door.

Smart Hardware for Composite Doors “Smart technologies deliver that and Kubu is the perfect fit.”

Choose Emplas for Your Commercial Project

If you’re looking for the best installer or double glazing products, such as Kubu Smart Hardware, for your commercial or new build project, look no further than Emplas. As manufactures of products from the likes of Profile 22, DOORCO, AluK and PatioMaster, you can guarantee you’re getting the best products for your project.

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